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Intelligent Video design and manufacture high quality image transmission and recording equipment used throughout the remotely monitored CCTV industry 

Our specific area of expertise is in systems for mobile deployment, using hi-tech communications and low power consumption for off-grid use

Our production and technical support teams are based in the UK at our Warwickshire offices

Across the range, our pioneering Point and Shoot camera control eliminates overshoot and provides fast, accurate PTZ targeting


Site Sentinel: 8 to 24 camera unit for fixed installation. Supplied in a rack-mounting chassis, two or more units can be slaved for larger sites

Site Sentinel DVR4 and DVR8: Compact low power DVR systems tailored for rapid deployment, also Site Sentinel 4EP for use where a complete rugged IP66 DVR is required. Ideal for providing security using 3G or wifi technology to protect assets in areas of limited traditional infrastructure



We provide extended warranty, repair and contract support for Teleprecision installations

We can deliver pre-configured, ready to go, wi-fi solutions. Just plug and play to seamlessly connect cctv components in remote areas of sites.

We offer design and integration consultancy to create bespoke solutions which can be badged to requirement.

Our design services start at the electronic component level, giving us flexibility that most competitors can only dream of. This allows us to create highly efficient and economic solutions specifically tailored to each requirement

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