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Intelligent Video Ltd. is a developer of high quality surveillance, security and safety solutions which it delivers as appliances, cloud services and pure software licences. We are widely respected as effective problem solvers, delivering highly innovative and integrated solutions to target demanding applications. Our team prides itself on being able to understand our customers' ​ precise requirements and deliver reliable solutions to match.

Based in Leamington Spa UK, the small team is led by the owners - Jon Martin and Mike Stewart. Between them, they have 20 years'​ experience in the markets where the company operates and have established a reputation for innovation and reliability.

The company has a mature client base in the remotely-monitored CCTV industry where its solutions are particularly suited to mobile deployment, using hi-tech communications and low power consumption for off-grid use.

The company's IVY platform leverages cloud computing for effective management of remote CCTV and other systems. As well as traditional alarm monitoring, IVY takes care of monitoring the performance of remote security assets which other organisations tend to overlook. How often do we hear that when a system was really needed it wasn't actually working?

Since 2015, Intelligent Video's video recording solutions have been used on the UK rail network where they have provided integration possibilities beyond those of off-the-shelf units. In particular, our recording software has shown itself to be well suited to capturing performance and maintenance data from level crossing systems.

The company is working with two UK technology partners - LB Foster and Optex - to develop and apply new active safety technologies in the rail environment. Trials of a LASER-based level crossing obstacle detection system are under way in a number of European countries and the companies are already exploring opportunities in the USA for this and similar systems.

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