The Senior Team

Jon Martin - Director - Intelligent Video

Jon Martin Director

  • Industry Experience 20 years
  • Education University of Warwick
  • Degrees Master's degree, Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Jon Martin set up Intelligent Video Ltd in 2010 after acquiring IPR from previous employer. IV thus inherited a mature CCTV recording and monitoring software application – Site Sentinel – which it could maintain and modify to suit a more diverse range of applications.

Site Sentinel supported the company for a few years bringing with it opportunities to move into more bespoke work. This allowed Jon to get back to doing what he is really good at – talking to customers in plain English, understanding their requirements and designing deliverable technical solutions to meet them.

“Working in such a small team is fantastic as it allows us to really focus on the customer requirement and thrash out how best to approach it. No idea is ever off-limits and the process is highly collaborative. Our customer talks to directly to our business decision makers which is very efficient given the pace of technological change.”

Jon grew up in Kent and studied at Warwick University, graduating in 1991 with a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering. He received his professional accreditation as a Chartered Engineer in 2005 and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, which provides him with plenty of opportunities to keep abreast of current technology and developments.

In his spare time, he’s an active member of the Warwick Boat Club’s rowing team, a regular DIY’er and, most importantly, ‘butler’ to the faithful yet ageing family dog, Beamish.

Mike Stewart - Software Development Manager - Intelligent Video

Mike Stewart Software Development Manager

  • Industry Experience 14 years
  • Education University of Warwick
  • Degrees BSc. (Hons) Computer Science

Mike started his software engineering career writing COBOL and mainframe database applications for Ford Motor Company in the late ’80s and when PCs had become more commonplace, he worked on a high-end foreign exchange trading platform for Reuters that was used worldwide.

In 2004 he moved to the security sector working on end-user CCTV viewing and configuration applications designed primarily for use remotely. As broadband speeds grew, it was clear that the performance of remote systems would be on the increase and that was a huge opportunity to be seized.

Mike joined Intelligent Video soon after its inception and has built their cloud platform offering centralised remote alarm handling, fleet monitoring and CCTV access. Heavily involved in the company’s safety-related projects, he enjoys putting the technical building blocks in place behind the scenes to deliver robust and reliable hardware and software. He is always looking to innovate and make the most of emerging technologies as they mature.

When all that is done, he sub-edits Driving Sounds Magazine and loves listening to well-reproduced music.